In the casino, gamblers can risk their money hoping to make a big win, so it’s the only building that can get you big money quickly … although you can lose your money just as quickly.


At the moment there is only one game (number guessing), where you can specify the number of winning numbers, the winning factor and the maximum bet,

Proposed Changes

It is planned to release other games for the casino.

Building Size

The minimum size of the casino is set at 150m². In the future, the number of games that can be offered will probably depend on the size of the building.


As with all buildings, the owners have three functions to choose from: rent, manage, expand. Tenants can manage the building, pay the rent or cancel.

We will only go into the administration here, since the other functions have already been explained in detail elsewhere.


If you have clicked on “manage”, you will see the size and name of your casino and the amount that is still in the cashier. You also get a menu selection to work with your casino:

  • Change name and description
  • Determine the course of the game
  • Casino bank
  • Deposit
  • Pay out
  • Sales list

Change Name And Description

The name of your casino is displayed in the city overview, the name and description are visible when a customer enters the building, so you should let your imagination run wild and write a nice text.

Determine The Course Of The Game

Here you can set the rules of the game: the numbers under which the winning number (s) are located (e.g. from 1 to 20), the number of winning numbers and the win (maximum 10 times the stake)

Sales List

An “account sheet” appears here, showing the income and expenses. You can also have this account sheet empty here.


The casino is not very suitable as a first building for newcomers, it would be better to rent / buy / have it built only when your livelihood is already secured.

Make sure you calculate the odds of winning in a balanced way, because if they are set too well you risk big losses, but if they are too bad, nobody will play at your casino. You can initially check the other casinos to see what the settings are there, and then gradually – with experience – find your personal best value.

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