Slot machines have a short learning curve and can be very profitable. The prerequisite for this, however, is that some important points are observed. This already starts with the selection of the slot machine. With a few tricks you can get the most out of your game and make attractive winnings.

Slot machines are now a dime a dozen. There are dozens of offshoots of well-known titles and countless variants of them. Nevertheless, there are always subtle small differences that can later affect the profit. There are several reels, paylines and symbols that can bring more or less high winnings when they appear on a payline.

Beginners usually achieve higher profits if they choose a slot that is simply structured. Scatter and wildcard should be the same symbol. In this case, the profits are usually not that high, but the chance of a profit increases. Fewer paylines make the overview easier, but what all slots should have is the option of free spins.

With free spins high winnings can be achieved without having to bet any additional money. When making your selection, you should therefore always make sure that many free spins are included. Some providers offer free spins already included in the welcome bonus or for special bonus promotions.

Bet Versus Payout Rate

Some slots are based directly on their real role models in casinos. Unfortunately, however, they are also usually disadvantageous in terms of profits. Some slots only offer the most attractive wins or bonuses when you play with the highest stakes. Here you should look carefully in the statistics to see how often the requirements for winning appear in the course of how many game rounds. If you don’t want to play with the highest stakes, you should choose another slot machine.

The cost of a payline can also vary. Activating three paylines can sometimes be cheaper than just two or comparable in use. Of course, if you activate three lines for the same or lesser bet, you have greater chances of winning.

Some slots have a very low payout rate compared to the stake players have to make. You should generally keep your hands off such slots.


The number of paylines can vary from slot to slot. There are even slot machines in the casino where several hundred paylines can be activated. There are different opinions about how many paylines should be played. Some players claim that all paylines should always be active so that the maximum winnings can be achieved. But this also means that the stakes are very high in every round.

Many players have therefore gone over to activate only the most lucrative paylines. This can mean that they miss out on smaller profits, but that they make bigger profits more often. If you want to try this out for free, you can test this tactic in Stadtgame while guessing the numbers. In addition, their stakes are significantly lower, which means they can play more rounds. This in turn increases the chance of getting free spins, where the highest winnings can usually be achieved.

You can also bet a maximum bet when choosing the paylines. If your limit is two euros per spin, you can vary the paylines, but never activate more lines than your limit allows.

Always Double

Some slots offer the option of doubling your win. How often this chance is available depends on the game or online casino. Doubling down brings a 50% chance that you can double the profit you just made. In the end, of course, this significantly increases the chance of making profits. If the doubling function is generally available, you should always use it. If there is a limit to the doubling function, then you have to use tact. Many players use the doubling function when they have a run. Depending on the game, you have to choose in advance whether the subsequent winnings should be doubled or not. With a slot, however, you can also make this choice if the profit is displayed after the round and it is worthwhile if the profit is high.

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